You want to boost your development, analyze some strategic evolutions, differentiate through innovation, accelerate your geographical deployment?

You rely on your team´s motivation, but also on partnerships?

        Let´s share the challenges to enrich the solutions!

See you soon!

Philippe Metayer

Partnerships to boost innovation in a large company

Some practical illustrations and key success factors

Produced by Mandarine Codi,  as part of Miss Mandarine program to promote cooperation between start-ups and large companies

Develop your international business 
Conference  for  Ionis School of Technology and Management

Conferences: illustrative examples

Déc 2013 – Opteam
From sub-contracting to long term partnership

Mars 2014 – Opteam
Agility in product design

Mars 2014 – IONIS Technologie et Management
Offer creation key success factors for international development

Fév 2015 – Innocherche conférence
L’innovation frugale

Mars 2016 – Opteam
R&D centers globalization program

Avril 2016 – Société Générale
Communities to develop competencies within a worldwide organization

Janv 2016 – Forum Engénierie collaborative
Collaborative strategies to succeed in Solutions Business

Fév 2016 – Centrale Supelec – MST Technologie et Management
Déploiement centres d’innovation en Chine et en Inde

Mai 2016 – Innocherche
Change Management

Juin 2017 – Cesames – Journée Engénierie collaborative
Collaborative strategies in Solutions Business

Nov 2017 – Kicklox
Product engineering or System engineering:
Collaboration is key for innovation!

Juin 2018 – Ariane group
System engineering: illustration, key learnings & human dimension

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Develop your international business

Video of a meeting at the Ionis School of Technology and Management

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